The Cookbook

We’re building a cookbook for DNS. It’s gonna have all kinds of great stuff, eventually!


Coming soon!


Also coming soon!


Use these recipes to make your DNS more awesome than it already is (which is pretty awesome!).

(There’s only one recipe so far, lol.)

Protect a domain that doesn’t send or receive email

This recipe adds some protection to a domain that isn’t being used for email. It consists of these DNS records:

  • MX A null MX record that prevents any email sent to the domain from being delivered to any mail server RFC 7505
  • TXT An SPF record that indicates that there are no IP addresses or domains allowed to send email, and to reject any such email RFC 7208
  • TXT A DKIM record without a public key, which will cause DKIM lookups to fail and trigger the DMARC policy below
  • TXT A DMARC record that instructs mail services to reject any emails for which SPF and DKIM fail

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Use your domain with

This recipe configures your domain (or, if you prefer, a subdomain) for use with It adds one or both of these records:

  • A An A record that points to, which is’s server
  • CNAME A CNAME record that works with your page

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